Product Management is a serious affair, but memes never hurt anyone!

Here’s a compilation of 9 foundational Product Management principles whose memes scream RELATABLE to me.

1 Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

2 Start the day with standup

Products from a Product Manager’s Product Stack

Let me admit it- I obsess over being productive. You see, I am a Computer Science engineer at heart. Naturally, there’s a causal effect.

Let me explain.

An operating system(OS) is an interface between the user and the hardware. The OS is that someone who always gets things done. It is running your 999 tabs on the browser, your spotify playlist, a zoom call, besides its own background processes- all at the same time. The technical term here is context switching. This piece of software is to be blamed for my obsession.

The feature similarity index of context switching and…

A cumulation of productivity hacks I use everyday as a Product Manager

  1. About Emails
    It is safe to say that Product Management is 80% communication. Emails being an integral (almost 80% of the 80%) part of the deal. That’s the math. To make emails an effective way of communication, whenever I send an email to a stakeholder, I follow it up with a quick call. I am ensuring two things here- 1) eliminating the turnaround time 2) transferring the accountability to the stakeholder. This is a total game-changer. Side Tip: Check out Boomerang for emails
  2. Always, I reiterate, always ask for ETA
    “I’ll get back to you”, “Let me look into it”, “I’ll…

Tanaya Yadav

I write to think. Computer Science Engineer turned Product Manager. Currently a Graduate student at Cornell University.

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